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Massage for health by Ruamrudee Health Massage is the “arts and science” that can help relax your stressed body, muscles and mood and to heal your body muscle pains.

Ruamrudee Health Massage specializes in massage for health using natural products, as well as treatments for your skin, face and nails by our professional therapists with 12 years of practical experience.


Our Services

Salt Pot Massage:

For those who are engaged in intense physical activities, this massage is perfect both before and after exercise as it helps muscle stretching. It is also best for women during the postpartum recovery.
Service: Reduce inflamed muscles and increase blood circulation using Thai wisdoms by mixing different herbs with different remedy effects such as kaffir lime rind, lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, curcuma xanthorhiza, crinum leaves, and natural borneol to be used with hot salt in an herbal suppress ball heated in a ceramic pot.

Computer Syndrome Massage:

This massage is perfect for office people who suffer from chronic pain due to working long hours in front of the computer which causes muscle tension, weary eyes, slow brain, and body pain.
Service: Acupressure massage, relaxation massage, specific area massage, heat therapy in the aching areas such as head, neck, back, shoulders, shoulder blades, waist, arms and hands.

Aroma Therapy:

The art of aromatic oil massage will help relax your body muscles, stimulate blood vessels under skin, increase blood circulation, relieve pains, and cheer up your lively body and better your mood.

Traditional Thai Massage:

This massage is good for those who want to soothe tired muscles with the traditional Thai massage by the use of the pressure of hands by our trained therapists with more than 5 years of experience, who will make you feel brand new after the massage.

Foot Massage:

This science of specific area massage can heal many other body parts. By stimulating the sole of your feet, the massage can relax and regain your body balance, as well as relieving the tiredness from walking, running, shopping or trekking.

Body Scrub:

Scrubbing your body with natural products such as honey, ground rice, spa salt, tamarind, and sugar will exfoliate old cells, reveal new cells, and reduce rashes, itchy skin and black marks on rough skin areas. It also helps stimulate cellular function and smoothen your skin after sun damage or skin exhaustion due to many reasons.


Our Services